Oh, you will have heard the rumors that these harps are made by an ancient dwarf with madness in his eyes, that they come
from the Caverna Magica, an underground workshop high in the mountains, and that they are constructed of mystical
woods and fashioned with legendary tools, and then tuned and  played by a master of the wire harp.  I assure you that those
rumors are greatly exaggerated.   He really can't play the harp all that well.

Wire harps contain the Spirit of Ancient Music.  They are known to cause Fascination.  Taking up the wire
harp may induce a sense of priorities, diminish anxiety over the sorry state of things,  and elevate the level of
charm and elegance.  Wire harpers may find the unforgiving minute filled with sixty seconds worth of distance
run and in extreme cases the transmutation of life's leaden metal into gold.

This site contains enchantment.  Mundane discretion is advised.